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Tour de Feast is more than just a restaurant. We are a group of passionate individuals that strive to bring the highest quality food and guest experience.
Our cooking style is simple yet very much refined in its French roots. We work hard to achieve guest satisfaction and to ensure that expectations are delivered to the best of our ability.


Our special features for saturday & Sunday (thanks giving weekend):-

***Traditional turkey roast & confit turkey leg served with warm nutty bread pudding..
***B.C. medley squash puree with tarragon infused fish mousse..
*** Lemon & ginger creme brulee…
*** Rosemary creme brulee…
*** House made pumpkin tart…

Specials available while quantities last…

Thanks Giving Long weekend Monday brunch starts at 10.30am-2.30pm.

Check Out Our Dishes

Check Out Our Dishes

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